How many is too many?

No matter how frequent you change your device, there will always be newer, better and higher specs device right around the corner.



TLB – Songs from Dorm

The above is recording process of TLB for ANSARA’s Songs From Dorm Project “SFDP”.

SFDP is a charity fund raising drive, jointly led by the alumni of MRSM to raise RM280,000 to build a dormitory building for rumah anak yatim yayasan jama’eah (rayyaj) in Bombalai , Tawau Sabah.

The members of TLB is former student of Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman batch 36 (Fivers 1996).

Arabian Night 2011

It was a night to remember. Thanks to all who has worked hard to ensure its happened!

Taken with pentax k-5. No flash.

Angry mango chicken burger

It’s hot, it’s delicious. It’s finished!


taken with iphone 4, no flash


Aku ada satu soalan. Apakah perkataan yang dieja salah dalam kamus dewan?

Jawapan: Salah

Tak paham? Kamu memang lembab!!!

sexy secretary

she’s a lady
she’s a secretary
she’s sexy

My new hobby – Running

It never come accross my mind before that i would picked up running as my new hobby. Its all started when i realised that i am just too damn fat. Climbing a 2 storey office is an uphill struggle. Don’t have anymore breath after that.

With BMI of 34.7 its not just overweight. Its obesity. All these years i keep telling myself that i can lose any weight that i want at any time. Well, suddenly i realised that its not going to happens if i’m not doing anything about it.

My first initiative was 5km putrajaya night run. Managed to finished it alive! Its not so bad. But, i’ve not run since then until recently. I’ve registered my ass again for putrajaya nightrun. But this time its 12.3 km. Boy i’m overly excited!

So I’ve started running again last month and will increase the distance in the coming months.

BMI: 34.7